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A traumatised ex-soldier comes to, and discovers that his mind has been under someone else's control for years – and they're about to take him over again – what's going on? What is he being made to do? And how can he get his mind back?

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Screenplay by Simon Lewis
Directed by Noel Clarke.
Starring: Noel Clarke, Ian Somerhalder, Luke Hemsworth, Brian Cox and Alexis Knapp.

















Simon Lewis writes

This might sound cheesy, but the story came out of having a computer whose wifi connection kept mysteriously dropping: that led to the story's central 'what if' – imagine your mind was remote controlled by someone else – and you had no idea what you were doing - but sometimes the control signal dropped, so you got your consciousness back, but only until the signal returned, in about ten minutes? How confusing would that be? What would you do in those limited moments of consciousness? How would you go about trying to get your mind back? Answering all the questions that idea opened up led to the story. And meant that I could build a script out of a series of real-time ten minute sequences. A tough challenge, though. 
I love sci-fi that deals with the way technology can be used to change our identity, sense of self and consciousness - Total Recall and Blade Runner are good examples - both adapted from books by Philip K Dick who is another big influence. And I love thrillers where the protagonist is damaged and baffled, and trying to put the pieces of a puzzle together. Plus I'm a fan of weird Asian cinema and manga like Ghost in the Shell - where they take a crazy idea and run with it, so I had that kind of thing in mind as well.