Bad Traffic

Bad Traffic

UK version/Sort Of Books
ISBN 978-0-95489-955-4
US version/Hardcover/Scribner
(8 December 2008)
ISBN 978-1416593539

Swedish /Schibasted
Kinaschack/Translated by Rosetta Sten
(21 January 2009)
ISBN: 9789177388036

German /Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verla
Translated by Silke Jellinghaus
(June 2009)
ISBN-10: 3499249537
ISBN-13: 978-3499249532

Italian /Baldini Castoldi Dalai
(19 May 2009)
ISBN: 88-6073-555

French /Actes Sud
Trafic Sordide
(2 September 2009)
ISBN: 978-2742786497

Following Chinese points of view in a thriller set in the UK is inspired writing. Bad Traffic is a honey: suspense that never loses its grip.-Elmore Leonard

A unique story narrated through conflicting yet complementing perspectives. With vivid characterizations in an unprecedented milieu, and an odyssey against impossible odds, Simon Lewis succeeds in producing a moving, convincing thriller.-Qiu Xiaolong

Bad Traffic is a thrilling read as well as a study of social problems and a people dislocated in a foreign country. Simon’s understanding and sensitivity toward the Chinese people and culture gives the book its memorable depth. His characters are keenly observed and deftly drawn. I finished the book from cover to cover in one sitting.-Diane Wei Liang

UK, German, Italian and Swedish

UK, German, Italian and Swedish

Corgi Books(published in 1999)
Originally published by Pulp Books,
imprint of Pulp Faction(1998)
Translated into German, Italian and Swedish
ISBN 0-552-14717-6

German /Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verla
ISBN-10: 3499253682
ISBN-13: 978-3499253683

Alongside Alex Garland and William Sutcliffe, Lewis is one of the pioneers of new travel fiction. And of the three he is the most in tune with experience of traveling and the possibilities it offers fiction.-Nicholas Blincoe

The pace and wit of Elmore Leonard with Alan Bennettish realism… highly accomplished and enjoyable-The Times

Confident, sharp as a tack, fast paced and blackly funny from begining to end.-Big Issue

Go drags you halfway around the world and expects you to keep up but you are happy to do it.-Observer

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